James O’Shea – Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist

James O’Shea is an accomplished sports massage therapist – trained to assess, treat and manage soft tissue injuries, pain and dysfunction. The benefits of a sports massage are endless, and can be felt by everyone ranging from professional athletes to those stuck behind desks for long hours. James adopts a bespoke treatment plan for each client, ensuring they receive the maximum benefits.

Physical Benefits:
• Relaxes the body
• Calms the nervous system
• Lowers blood pressure
• Lowers heart rate
• Loosens tight and aching muscles
• Stretches tight connective tissue
• Reduces chronic pain
• Improve skin tone
• Relieves tired and aching muscles
• Improves muscle tone
• Relives cramped muscles
• Speeds recovery from injury
• Increases range of motion
• Speeds excretion of metabolic waste
• Increased blood and lymphatic circulation
• Strengthens the immune system
• Reduces swelling
• Improves posture

Mental Benefits:
• Reduces stress
• Promotes quality sleep
• Improves productivity
• Induces mental relaxation
• Improves concentration

£40 Initial 1-hour consultation – required by everyone, a full postural assessment will be carried out. If needed a full injury assessment will then be conducted and a treatment plan will be devised. The client will then receive a treatment for the remainder of the hour.

Follow up Sessions: to carry on with the treatment plan devised in the initial consultation. £50 – One hour £30 – Half hour