Nurture Restaurants

Nurture is our delicious Hammersmith neighbour, serving up the tastiest seasonal salads and lunches. From our morning coffee run to a healthy afternoon snack – Nurture keeps us fed all year round. As a gym, it is important to us, our members and our athletes to eat a healthy balanced diet. Not only is it nutritionally beneficially, but there’s a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food available too.

During our boxers’ training camp it’s important that they eat the right food to fuel their training. Both Dean Richardson and Dan-Dan Keenan fought on the undercard of Groves vs. Cox at Wembley Arena, and were lucky to be sponsored by Nurture for the duration of the 10-week camp. Sticking to a strict diet to ensure they made weight, the athletes had their pick of the amazing salads and juices Nurture had to offer. As a result they weighed in healthier and stronger than ever.