Barry O'Connell

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Barry is a former Royal Marine Physical Training instructor, with over 12 year’s experience. Barry holds some of the most sought after qualifications in the country and his experience is second to none. He works with clients at all levels of fitness, ranging from; improving general fitness, weight loss, amateur and professional boxing coach, preparing candidates for military careers, self defence and unarmed combat.

He will train, mentor and push you, but most importantly – get you to where you want to be. Barry’s training technique is hard yet effective, combining his extensive experience and military background to get the best out of each client.

Boxing Coach
Barry is also a qualified boxing coach, with an incredible wealth of industry knowledge. He coaches, trains and mentors his boxers to achieve success and triumph at every step.

Strengths – Fitness, boxing technique & pad work, self-defence and unarmed combat.

Curtis Felix

1 Knock out

Curtis Felix

World ranking: 1,368 / 2,210 UK ranking: 120 / 129 Bouts: 1 Rounds: 1 KOs: 100%
Global ID: 769981 Alias: The Cat Born: 1989-06-07 / age 27 Debut: 2016-11-12 Division: Welterweight Stance: Orthodox
Residence: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


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